ipad 4th generation release date specs and price

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iPad 4th Generation Release Date, Specs and Price

iPad 4th Generation Release Date, Specs and Price

Class and elegance is what iPad 4 essentially stands for as it is considered as the successor of the 3rd generation of the iPad. Top unique features are what essentially make this gadget stand out as one of a kind. IPad 4 is available in a metal finish with an anodized aluminum color at the back; the front mainly comes with a white black bezel option.

Lightning connector

iPad 4 essentially utilizes the new lightning connector that is also in iPhone 5 instead of the thirty pin dock as in the previous version of the 3rd generation. The lightning connector Is highly essential for data connection and charging, this lightning connector also perfectly works with SD cards VGA and HDMI.


The new glamorous fourth generation iPad also adds to the excitement by coming with a 1.2MP facetime HD camera at the front that is highly beneficial especially for people who love video chatting complimented with a new image processor. Its back camera is also one of a kind as its stands at 5MP with the iSIght feature while also able to provide backside illumination. iPad 4 back cameras also come with essential features like five elements lense, IR filter and an f/2.4aperture.  It has a video capability of up to 1080p guaranteeing 30 frames per second.


iPad 4 essentially comes with storage capacities of 16-32 and 64 GB thus able to offer the ultimate required space for storage of videos, music and photos. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack with the incorporation of digital compass accelerometer and Gyroscope.


The fourth generation of the iPad comes with a display of 9.7inch with an improved resolution of 1536×2048 thus able to guarantee utmost clarity and vividness. It stands at a height of 7.31inch by 9.49inch width with a thickness of 9.4mm. It is highly portable as it only weighs 652gramms.

4G LTE networks

iPad 4 essentially stands out as a must have one of a kind tablet as it comes with the highly capable 4G LTE networks. With the 4G networks higher data access speeds are highly guaranteed thus improving the downloading experiences of things like movies, music and guarantees utmost easiness when streamlining live videos .

 Wi-Fi enabled and battery life

Wi-Fi is another essential feature that the fourth generation of the iPad is sure to offer. Its wireless connectivity is highly efficient as it is able to support the dual band of 802.11n Wi-Fi on a 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ bands. It is highly efficient as it is able to offer up to 150Mbps download speeds. The iPad 4 Wi-Fi also supports the older a, b and g Wi-Fi standards. Apple products are mostly known to come with a battery life capability of 10 hours and iPad 4 is no exception as it incorporates the highly capable Li-Po 11,666mAh battery.

iPad 4 Release Date and Price

The release date of this one of a kind Tablet has essentially been set as November 2 and the pricing does not get better than $499 for the 16GB version which is only Wi-Fi enabled. The 16GB option with Wi-Fi + 4G LTE cellular data capabilities will ultimately require one to part ways with $629. Let have a look at Apple iPad 4th Generation specs and features now:


iPad 4 will essentially feature an A6X processor that is highly essential in doubling the multitasking of the CPU.  The A6X chip is able to guarantee two times better performance of the CPU as compared to the A5 chip in iPad 3. This processor is also able to guarantee improved graphics complimented with a good image signal processing technology. The new processor clearly signifies that this device is highly powerful thus able to provide one of a kind experience to end users. To also add to its magnificent look iPad 4 essentially runs on the new and much efficient iOS 6 software that ensures it is highly at par with other Apple products like iPhone 5.